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Thanks for the Plug, New West

July 28, 2010

New West gave Papa’s Planet some great PR today on its Books page.

Here it is:

Regular New West contributor and Colorado-based travel writer David Frey has been off on a dream trip for several weeks, following in the footsteps of Ernest Hemingway through Europe.  Frey is documenting it all on his blog, Papa’s Planet, which he is turning into a book, tentatively titled “Papa’s Planet: An Ernest Exploration of the Places Hemingway Lived and Loved.”

In a presentation Frey gave last month explaining his interest in Hemingway, he wrote, “In Ernest Hemingway, there’s something we can all claim. He was a freedom-loving, communist-loving, red-white-and-blue, gun-toting nature lover who almost assuredly ate quiche.”

Frey is writing detailed postcards from his Hemingway stops, such as 74 Rue de Cardinal Lemoine in Paris, where Hemingway and his wife Hadley lived, an interlude described in A Moveable Feast.  In Spain, Frey interviewed Maripaz Vega, the country’s only female bullfighter.  He’s also been to Venice, Cuba, Key West, and Ketchum, Idaho, journeys he explains in the essay ”Why I’m Stalking Hemingway,” which was named a Community Keynote in the Travel Blog Exchange annual conference in New York last June.

Frey reports he’s scheduled to have an article on Hemingway’s Sun Valley in the fall issue of Sun Valley Magazine, “looking at the ways Sun Valley has changed since Hemingway’s day and the role he played bringing those changes about.”

Thanks to New West’s excellent books editor, Jenny Shank, for the plug!